Thank You :)

Hello Newsletter Family!

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, here in the US. And I’m sure you’ve gotten to know how much gratitude is important to me. I believe Thanksgiving and the attitude of gratitude, should be a daily part of our lives, not just one day a year.

But in honor of this beautiful holiday here in the US, I want to take the opportunity and thank each one of you.

THANK YOU for allowing me to share my insights about the world of spirituality with you. This is a topic I do not take lightly. The world of spirituality is so important for the evolution of our souls, and our lives. There is not a single topic I teach without having gone to great lengths of learning about it, and embodying it for myself.

THANK YOU for sharing this journey of life with me. Whether I have had contact with you or not, we are linked regardless. I may not physically see you, as you may see me via my videos, but I do feel you. I feel the person you are… Curious to understand the world of the formless deeper… On a quest to make yourself a better person. THANK YOU for being you.

THANK YOU for the emails and feedback I have received from you. In some newsletters, I have shared experiences from my personal life. And I have received overwhelming replies to those. Sometimes I am able to respond back. Sometimes I am not able to respond back, due to my workload for that week. But please know I read them all, and I THANK YOU.


I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,