How to Make Affirmations Work

Hello Newsletter Family!

I’m sure you’ve heard doing affirmations are beneficial. But have you done them, to come to realize, it’s not really working for you?

There is a reason for this.

You need to bring the statement you are affirming out of your mind and into your heart. You need to feel what you’re saying.

The energy of the heart center is so vital for creation.

Our mind comes up with ideas. But our heart feels the inspiration to bring forth the next steps for our creations. Our heart aides in the process of creativity.

The mind thinks. The heart feels.

In order to become the person you are affirming, you need to FEEL the future you.

And there are two pointers I want share regarding affirmations:
“I am… “ statements are very powerful. Words and sentiments you place after the words “I am… “ form into your reality.
Feel your affirmation for at least 17 seconds.

In order to set the law of attraction into motion, we need to hold our intention for at least 17 seconds. It is okay to think thoughts during these 17 seconds, but make sure your thoughts are in alignment with your affirmation.

For example, if you want a win a particular award at work:
Tell yourself, “I am the new winner of the _______ award.”
Feel the moment the award is given to you.
Imagine the person giving you the award.
Imagine how it feels to have the award in your hand.
Imagine how you feel the next day, and the following days.

Do this exercise for at least 17 seconds. And make sure you FEEL.

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I wish each of you a wonderful week!

With Gratitude,