Happy Birthday to a Man Who Has Been Pivotal in My Journey

Hello Newsletter Family!

A man who has been pivotal in my path of life turns 70, this Friday, February 16th.

I consider him to be a Spiritual Master of our time.
And he is Eckhart Tolle.

In this video, I recommend his book, and also my own book. There is a reason why I recommend my book along with Eckhart’s book in the same video. You will learn why by watching the video, or continuing to read this article.

(By the way, in honor of Eckhart’s birthday, I am re-sharing this video. I had shared it in a previous newsletter from over one year ago).

Ten years ago, I was in a very confused and sad place in life. I turned to spirituality to find answers to the many questions that were swirling in my mind. But I was in so much pain that nothing was quenching the thirst for the knowledge that I needed….

Until I came across Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

Not only did this book answer the deep questions I had about life, it inspired me to begin meditating.

So I began meditating for about 10 minutes per day. And the next step in my meditation journey was to go from about 10 minutes of meditation per day, to attending a 10 day silent meditation retreat. In this 10 day silent retreat, I meditated for about 11 hours per day.

And the beautiful path to meditation began.

Which also leads me to by own book. From My Heart to Yours: Based on a True Story is based on the events of my own life.

The character goes through love, loss, life and death. It is a journey with a lot of questions about life, versus answers. But it all comes together in the final chapter, when she receives the answers to life she is seeking during her meditation retreat.

In the last chapter of my book, I walk the reader through my experience of the ten day retreat. There is a reason why I did this… So if anyone feels called to attend 10 days of silence, and 11 hours of meditating per day, they have an idea of what to expect from this retreat. (It is donation based, with centers all over the world).

I had the last chapter approved by a Head Assistant Teacher of the meditation technique. (The main teacher has passed away. But the lectures are still videos of him teaching. And the daily meditations are still with his voice).

Now back to Eckhart Tolle….

I owe so much to him. Unbeknownst to him, he guided me through this life with his powerful words. And his powerful teachings.

Ten years ago, I had no idea life would choose me to become a spiritual teacher.

And it is so nostalgic for me to know that on the day of Eckhart Tolle’s birthday, I will be in the recording studio, recording meditations for the next series. (I did not know it was his birthday when I made the appointment with the studio: Serendipity )

It will be a beautiful, and full circle moment for me!

I feel so blessed to be alive at a time that Eckhart has been alive. I feel so blessed to read his books, to watch his videos and to see his lectures live, and be in his presence. Although if you’ve ever read his books or seen his videos, you’ll know his presence is palpable no matter what.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please forward it to them.

I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,


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