Food and the Holidays

Hello Newsletter Family!

There will be a newsletter next week. After that, the next time I will join your emails will be January 9th.
Also, thank you sooooo much for the responses I received when I sent out the last newsletter. I did not have time to write back to each of you… It was a very busy work week, due to the Thanksgiving holidays. But please accept my deepest gratitude if you had written me a reply. I’m grateful to connect with you

Now let’s talk about this week’s newsletter…

The holiday season is upon us… And so are extra food and extra indulgences…

And I’m here to tell you to enjoy! And in this video, I explain how you can enjoy food, not just around the holidays, but throughout the whole year.

I won’t go into an explanation of this video, like I normally do, because I had already shared it a while back. But I felt it was a necessary topic to share again during this time of year.

Enjoy your food (as this video explains). Enjoy the holidays!

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please forward it to them.

I wish each of you a decadent week!

With Gratitude,