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Hello Newsletter Family!

Note: In a previous newsletter, I had mentioned we will be releasing two single meditations before the end of the year. The first meditation was released in October, on Podcast and Insight Timer. The release of the second meditation has been put on hold until further notice.

And speaking of the meditation released in October, Manifesting Your Dreams, I have a book to recommend for you, that is along the lines of the teachings in that meditation.

This book is really powerful. It is called The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The reason why this book is so powerful is it explains what our emotions truly are, and how to use our emotions for positive creation and manifestation in our lives.

If you meditated to Manifesting Your Dreams, you’ll know that I talked about the importance of our thoughts plus our feelings, to create the life we want. The combination of positive thoughts and positive feelings are imperative for manifesting our dreams.

Whether we realize it or not, we are always creating.

If we’re thinking negative and we’re feeling negative, we are not going to create a positive future. To become aware of our thoughts is so important. And to become aware of raising the vibrations of our emotions is also so important, to attract what we want into our life.

Emotions such as peace and love carry the highest vibration, and align us with our highest good.

Emotions such as jealousy, rage and fear carry the lowest vibrations. And they do not put us in alignment with our highest good.

The first 45 pages of this book is a simple, yet powerful explanation of our emotions.

And after the 45 pages, the authors give 33 life examples that could be cause for concern. However, they walk the reader through steps on how to raise vibrations: They show us different ways to feel better within each life example.

Some examples are:

  • People steal my creative ideas
  • I cannot find a mate
  • My pet is sick
  • I keep getting passed over for promotions at work
  • I have so little money with no improvement in sight
  • Since my father died, I cannot find my balance

If you are a meditator, you already understand the power of understanding and gaining control over your thoughts. And this book will assist you in understanding and gaining control over your emotions.

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I wish each of you a wonderful week!

With Gratitude,