What You Need to Know About Creating the Life You Want

Video Length: 3.00 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

In this video, I talk to you about manifestation.

One of the key factors to manifesting whatever we’d like is to focus on what we already do have. What we focus on expands. Too often, when people want to manifest something into their lives, whether its financial abundance, good health or a relationship, they focus on the absence of it.

Common questions are:
When is it going to happen?
How come its taking so long?
What if I’m not meant to have it?

And these questions put a person in the mentality of lack. These questions separate you from your desire.

When we focus on what we already have, and feel gratitude for it, that mentality puts us on a track of abundance.

If we want more financial abundance, and we focus on what we already do have (however small or large we may feel that it is) then our focus on what we do have will begin to expand our abundance in that way.

Whatever we focus on expands.

It is important to make a connection with what we already have. This connection will align us with abundance. Life is always responding to what we focus on.

I will soon announce the release of a new meditation focusing on the concept of manifestation.

And I also recommend another meditation that has already been released on Podcast and the Insight Timer app, to assist you with understanding the abundance that is already in your life. This 10-day series is titled Abundance through Gratitude.

Each day of this series, I introduce a new aspect of your life to meditate on the abundance of. And you will begin to see your life with new eyes. You will expand your track of abundance.

The concept is simple but takes mind training to implement:
Do not focus on what you do not have.
Reverse your focus into what you already have.
Feel gratitude for what you do have.
You will align yourself with the energy of abundance in this way.
And once you are aligned with the energy of abundance, then focus on what you want.

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I wish each of you an abundant week!

With Gratitude,


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