Understanding Guilt and Other Negative States of Mind

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Today I want to explain negative states of mind and how they operate.

Negative states of mind include guilt, worry, fear, irritation, doubt, disappointment and feeling overwhelmed. Guilt has more layers. And I will explain guilt towards the end of this newsletter.

The mind loves to create these negative states of mind. And it also loves to place these states of mind on repeat. If we are not aware of what the mind is doing, we will give in to the worry, etc… And we will condition our reality with these states of mind. We begin to believe the worry or the fear are fully correct and we should not proceed forward.

The more we give in to these negative states of mind, the more we will create our reality around them. We will live from a fearful place. We will feel overwhelmed about everything, not able to take on more.

All of this becomes fuel for the ego part of our mind. The mind thrives on this mode of living because it loves to hold us prisoner. And the more we give in to this way of thinking, the more we allow it become a part of our identity.

Then one day…
We have the liberating realization that we are not our thoughts. And we work towards releasing these negative states from our mind.

Its important to know the mind will not let go that easily.

Let me get more specific about this….

Let’s say you worry a lot at work. You are always concerned about your job performance. You worry your boss does not feel you are highly qualified for the position. And you worry about what your colleagues will think of you, if you make a mistake.

That is a lot of worry in many areas of your work life. Through time, this worrisome state creates a comfortable home in your mind.

But you become so tired and drained that you realize you cannot live this way any longer. So you work on yourself to not worry so much. You tell yourself you are doing the best you can, no one has complained, you finish your projects on time, you share good ideas with your team, etc.

And slowly through time, this positive self concept dissolves the worry.

Here is the thing to take note of:
If you begin to worry less about your job, but worry has been a huge part of your job identity, your mind is not going to let you off the hook (in the beginning). As the worry about your job is decreasing, your mind will find other aspects of your life for you to incessantly worry over.
For example, it will move the job-worry to family-worry.

It is important to realize these negative states are fuel for the mind. So once it feels deprived, it will try and fight to hold on.

But this does not last forever.

Awareness is key.

Recognize what is happening and work towards decreasing worry (or any other negative state) from your existence altogether. It may seem like a mini-battle in your mind at first, but be patient. It will decrease through time.

And the same is true for guilt. When we forgive and release guilt, our mind will try and bounce around to find anything to continue making us feel guilty.

There are a few things to take into consideration with guilt:

  • Make sure you have learned the lessons
  • Make sure you have forgiven
  • Make sure you have committed to using the circumstances of the past to transform your life into a better version

Once you have made these commitments, then releasing guilt becomes much easier.

Because of the mind-prison guilt holds us in, a lot of times people feel they deserve to be held in this prison. But that is not true living. That does not serve you or anyone around you.

Becoming a better version of yourself serves you and all those around you.

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