This Was a Game Changer for Me

Hello Newsletter Family!

Many years ago, I came upon this TED Talk by Brene Brown titled Power of Vulnerability. I was so blown away by the content she shared that I watched it on repeat for days on end. The content became a game changer for me.

Brene Brown is a researcher. She researched vulnerability for six years and wrote a best selling book on the topic. What I learned from this video sparked an interest in me to dig deep into the topic of vulnerability.

I learned how deeply important it is for human connection. I embraced vulnerability with all my heart.

I can share my personal insights on vulnerability in a future newsletter.

In this week’s newsletter, I simply want to introduce this video for you to watch. In the TED Talk, Brene says, “I know that vulnerability is at the core of shame, fear and our struggle for worthiness. But it appears that it is also the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love… “

This video is 20 minutes. And it worth every minute of your time. She is funny and easy to understand. So the 20 minutes will fly by.

I HIGHLY recommend this video. In fact, I cannot recommend it enough.

This video I have shared for the newsletter is from YouTube. On the actual TED website it has received over 30 MILLION views. And this makes me beyond happy that so many people have listened to this message.

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I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,

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