The Story Behind the Meditation Series

Hello Newsletter Family!

I’ve found myself explaining this story to a lot of individuals lately, so I felt compelled to share it here with you as well…

The 15-day meditation series titled Accept Believe Surrender is based on the circumstances of my own life. Yet, I believe the series can be parallel to most people’s lives, for we cannot fully understand life until we’ve gone through hardships.

After a very difficult 8.5-year marriage, I divorced without any self-confidence or any money.

I had a very secure childhood, but those 8.5 years turned myself and my existence upside down. So I turned to spiritual studies to understand this life, to try and make sense of it all. And that also led me to meditation.

I will be very brief for the purpose of this newsletter because explaining my life story can take very long… In fact, the book I wrote From My Heart to Yours: Based on a True Story is fictional but based on the events of my life. I wrote it wanting to share all the life lessons I had learned in a very simple, easy to read fictional story.

Getting back to the topic of this newsletter….

I could not get enough studying of spirituality. I could not get enough hours of meditating in. The more I meditated and the more I learned, the more it filled my spirit in the most beautiful ways. It became my passion.

I dig and dig each topic until the Truth unfolds. And this Truth comes full circle during my meditations. We have to incorporate both theory and experience into all we do for the knowledge to come full circle.

One day, I was at a three-day silent meditation retreat. I was walking during a break. And all of a sudden, I had what I call ‘a download from Life.’ This download told me I was to teach meditation; I was to become a spiritual teacher. The download told me all the studies I had done, and all the meditating I had done was so I could share the knowledge.

And in that one instant, all the difficulties of the 8.5 years made sense. I had to go through that pain to dig deep and find answers. That pain led me to meditation, wanting to find peace and clarity.

So I had this download… And I knew my life’s purpose was born in that moment.

The next issue I had to get through was finding the courage to become a spiritual teacher.

I thought, “How does one make a life teaching others to follow their heart?” I did not want to renounce all that I had and wanted to continue to acquire, in order to follow this path. I have always believed we are meant to live abundant lives. Equally, I believe in giving back.

It took me about three years to find the courage to surrender to the path of teaching spirituality. From the day I had the download, my job became less and less satisfying. (I had an import business. I imported scarves from China and sold them to retail stores across the USA).

I will never forget the day I surrendered to Life and this path. With tears in my eyes, I said to Life, “I don’t know how this is all going to unfold. But I know I have to begin living within my purpose. I pray that You begin using me for my passion, for teaching meditation and spirituality.”

And once I did that, I felt everything changed. Doors began opening up for me. People began contacting me. And the path of becoming a spiritual teacher began to unfold.

So to outline the meditation series:

  • Accept your life for what it is. There is a reason for every pain, for everything that happens to you.
  • Believe in your dreams. Believe in listening to the silent voice within. Move forward with love versus fear.
  • Surrender your life to the Universe. Once you surrender, It will make a connection back and begin supporting you. This is where faith plays a big role.

I believe so strongly in following our purpose.

In fact, I have written the content for a workshop based on this meditation series. I am just waiting for the right time for the workshop to be born and shared with all.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please forward it to them.

I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,

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