The Path to Your Purpose

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In this week’s newsletter, I want to talk to you about aligning with your purpose. The path to your purpose is simple and it also requires courage. I will explain both of these aspects within this article.

The path to your purpose requires:

  • Following your curiosity
  • Learning about all that you can within the subject you consider your passion
  • Bringing the involvement full circle with both theory and experience
  • Listening to the quiet whisper of your heart when it is speaking to you

Learn as much as you can about what you’re passionate about. Learn different angles of the same concept.

And bring your involvement full circle with both theory and experience. What do I mean by this? Get hands-on with what you have learned in theory. If you love animals, watch videos on animal training, read books on the subject, but also go volunteer at an animal shelter.

Another way of saying this: If you like to cook, it is one thing to learn about the various ingredients and techniques of putting the ingredients together. But the involvement does not come full circle until you have actually cooked all the ingredients into a meal. And then tasted your creation.

And once you do cook that meal, you can play with the amount of ingredients you added, to make it more to your liking. By doing this, you will add your own uniqueness, your touch, to the meal.

The same is true for following our purpose. At first we learn in theory. Then we bring the element of experience into it. Then we add our own touch, our own unique way of expressing, to the mixture.

Almost all things in this world have already been done and tried. So the basis is the same for all.

The difference are the messengers.

Going back to the food example… Think of how many restaurants are in this world. Think of how many chefs are in this world. Yet, we always welcome more.

The same is true for any field.

And here is where the element of courage comes into play:
If you feel your passion and curiosity cannot give you a certain living standard you are seeking. Or if you do not yet feel qualified for the position.

If this is your case, go after your passion and curiosity anyway. No matter what, do it. At first volunteer while keeping your current job. Then allow your volunteering time to bring about inspirations (listening to the quiet voice within your heart).

It is so important to be hands-on with our passion and curiosity. The reason is we will put ourselves into the flow and connection with life. We will have taken our desires out of our hearts and shared them with the world.

Once we do this, life will make a connection back.

Life will guide us in the direction that will be to our highest good. And in this phase, we have to have faith in that quiet whisper within our heart.

That quiet whisper becomes our guiding light.

Do not worry about the how.
How will it turn out?
How will I make money?
How can I take on such a big dream?
How can I go forward with confidence?

All of these how’s can block you, if you let them. Just know the dream you have. And take baby steps towards it. Baby steps are key. They will help with courage. They will give time for the whispers of your heart to give you the next inspiration, the next step.

And before you know it, you will be off and running

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I wish each of you a blessed week!

With Gratitude,

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