Question of Worthiness Will Definitely Come Up on the Path of Spirituality

Hello Newsletter Family!


This week’s topic is one that is bound to come up during each person’s path of spirituality: Worthiness.

The deeper we go within ourselves, the more beautiful the internal world becomes. We tap into our purpose. We begin to understand what feeling good is all about.

And even though this is all very natural: We are meant to feel good at all times…
It is also new territory. The reality is most people have been conditioned into states of mind such as fear and worry – and sometimes these conditionings come from childhood.

It’s almost as if we have to reverse how we’ve conditioned ourselves, or have been conditioned by family, into one that is our true nature: Feeling good.

And when we begin to feel good, we get to a point of questioning ourselves. Sometimes our mind likes to create chaos or sadness just so it can revert back to its old habits. When we move back into chaos or sadness, for some weird reason, there is comfort associated with it.

This comfort is not natural. It is habit.

But the path of meditation and spirituality will continue to align us with our essence:
With feeling good; with tapping into our purpose.

And we begin to feel good again. This cycle is very normal.

What is at the root of this cycle is WORTHINESS.

We are not sure we deserve to feel so good. We are not sure we are meant to live a fulfilling life. We are not sure we’re not supposed to struggle.

So this back and forth cycle begins. We live from our essence, we feel good. Then we revert to old habits, we feel bad.

But once we detect the question/issue of worthiness is coming up, we begin to approach life differently. We begin to ask different questions.

Instead of “Why me?” we ask, “Why not me?”

And we begin to list all the reasons why we deserve to live a fulfilling life.

And that is key:
To make a list – write it out – as to why you deserve to be happy, or live out your dreams.

And when you understand why you deserve all the things you desire, you begin to understand what worthiness is. You begin to feel worthy.

It may take some time, because the mind is used to its old habits and it will do all it can to lure us back to those habits… But with awareness, the worthiness will set in.

Our life cannot expand if we are unwilling to expand from the inside.

And asking a question such as, “Why not me?” will bring forth an array of answers. These answers fine tune who we are. And these answers also expand who we are.

  • The next time you find yourself in an old cycle, or you find comfort in feelings that do not serve you and the highest good of your life, ask yourself if you feel worthy of what is next.
  • List all the reasons why you are worthy.
  • And live your life from that state of mind.

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I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,