On a Good Path but You Tripped?

Hello Newsletter Family!

Have you ever found yourself on a good track, things were flowing smoothly, and all of a sudden you seemed to trip over a past wound or incident? Have you thought you had healed and forgiven a particular person or situation and all of a sudden those wounds seemed to resurface, sometimes out of nowhere?

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, honor what is happening. Do not become frustrated. Do not feel you are moving backwards.

For each pain, for each situation, there are layers we need to work through. Depending on the depth of your pain, or the duration of time you had carried a situation with you in the past, know that there will be layers of it to overcome.

What I am explaining is different than our mind replaying negative situations on repeat. That is just the mind having its way with us…

What I am explaining is when we are in a good place, when we are in alignment with positive energy. And during this time of alignment, a negativity or wound from the past all of a sudden reappears, almost out of nowhere.

If you find yourself in such a position, do not resist what has happened. Do not think you are regressing. What is actually happening is the continuation of your alignment and your progress. These layers of pain have come up for review.

But keep the momentum of your good feelings.

Do this by reminding yourself of the good path you were on, that nothing was wrong.

And know that the momentum of your path lead you to this moment. Breathe through the discomfort, even if the discomfort lasts for days. Breathe through it with presence and awareness.

Presence and awareness will diminish whatever has come up. These thoughts/emotions have come up to be healed from a deeper place. Frustration and resentment will only give them more life.

Feel the energy of presence:
It is light. It is fresh.

Feel the energy of frustration:
It is heavy. It is stale.

In order for something to pass through us, we need to maintain a lightness towards it.

Maintain this lightness and awareness, and before you know it, the pain – from this deeper level – will dissipate and dissolve. And what will emerge will be a more empowered you.

You will come into more wholeness of who you are.

And what consists of wholeness?
Coherence between you and Life.

As with all things that come up along our path, whether we are in a good place or not-so-good place, be aware of it. Do not give it any negative energy. Allow presence and awareness to dissolve it away.

Does this sound like what we do in our meditation sittings when thoughts arise?

What we do in our meditation sitting, we carry into our external life as well.

Doing this enough times leads to living a life of presence.

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I wish each of you a joyful week!

With Gratitude,


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