Why Comparing Ourselves to Other People Harms Us

In this week’s video, I outline three reason why comparing ourselves to other people ultimately only harms us.

The first reason is people don’t always give us the full story. We don’t always know what happened behind the scenes for a person to reach an accomplishment. Or for them to acquire a new possession.

Each person and each story is layers deep. Some people have a way of only revealing what they want to reveal… They may not even let close friends and family in on the depth of their emotions.

So again, we are left with a partial story. When this happens, we are comparing ourselves to fragments of a situation or person.

This leads me to reason number 2: When we only have fragments of a person or story, we are then comparing ourselves to an illusion. There is no substance in our comparison.

Why chase an illusion??

The third reason why comparing ourselves to others harms us is because we need to honor our own journeys. There are lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. There is a reason why everything happens to us.

We do not learn and grow by comparing.

We need to honor our individuality. It is by living in our authentic truth that we will attract the situations and people who will be for our highest good.

It is fine to be inspired by people in this world. It is not fine when we see a person’s life and it brings a sate of lack into our mind. There’s a big difference between there.

So allow people to show you that great achievements are possible. Use that as a fuel for your own life. If you compare and get yourself into a negative mindset, you are only taking the power away from your life.

With that said, GO SHINE! Love your life and create a life of constant progress, to continue becoming a better person  Remember, we are in this for the long haul.

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I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,