Want to Move Past Fear?

Video Length: 3.5 minutes

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In this video, I talk about the difference of danger versus fear – and how to move past fear.

When you feel you’re not able to move forward with a situation, it could be either that its dangerous, or that you have fear from moving forward. We should recognize the difference between the two. Dangerous situations should be avoided.

However, the ego part of our mind loves to keep us in a state of fear.

A state of fear is a state of stagnation.

You shouldn’t be blocked or hindered in life. Life is about progressing forward. So when you see yourself stuck, ask one of two questions:
1. Am I going to hurt myself or someone else by moving forward?
2. Am I going to commit a crime by moving forward?

If you answered ‘no’ to both of these questions, then you are not in danger. Your fear is trying to get the best of you.

Fear is nothing more than an incorrect mindset. The first step to moving past it is the awareness that you do not need to feed this mindset. Become aware of your thoughts. If they will not put you in a dangerous situation, simply release them.

And the negative, fearful thoughts will try and work themselves into your mind again… And again… And again… Each time, just notice the thoughts but to do not give it any energy.

You are not your thoughts.

There is a fearless part of your Being that just want to live and expand. That part of you is your essence. That is how children are. That is how we all were before the mind took over.

I also want to talk about feeling overwhelmed…

Feeling overwhelmed is also fuel for fear; fuel for the ego part of the mind.

So let’s say you want to start a project. But you feel overwhelmed. It’s important to visualize yourself at the end picture. But do not feel overwhelmed with all that it will take to get you there.

Make a plan of action — start small. Then take baby steps each day.

The baby steps will accumulate to huge leaps through time. Don’t allow yourself to worry. Don’t bring that energy into your existence. Worry is like feeling overwhelmed, its fuel for fear.

Do what you can each day. Then allow life to handle the rest. When we do our best, life will work in our favor. Small magical occurrences will happen. This is when we are in alignment with life.

I also want to remind you that in the spiritual dimension, time is an illusion. Some things happen overnight. Some things take longer to manifest.

Release the time and enjoy the ride.

And you may stumble and fall. This is normal. If this happens, remind yourself that You Are at the Center of Your Universe. 

No one will notice or make a bigger deal out of anything except for you.

So let it go. Learn your lesson. Keep moving forward. Do not allow the state of mind called ‘fear’ to have a home anywhere within you.

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