Want Lasting Peace and Happiness?

Hello Newsletter Family!

I’m excited to join your inbox again, and for all that we have to share together this new year! I hope each of you had a wonderful ending to 2015, and I hope for an even better 2016 for each of you!

In this week’s newsletter/video, I will talk to you about how to tap into your inner peace (it’s there within all of us, waiting to be discovered). I will talk to you about how to find pure joy and gratitude for your life. I will talk to you about making a deeper connection to your intuition.

How is all this attainable? How can a person truly live from such a state?
The answer is meditation.

One of the most powerful tools we can give ourselves in this lifetime is the connection to our breath. The connection we make with our breath and stillness leads to a connection with our Being.

Our Being/Internal-World/Higher-Self contains our essence: Peace, joy, guidance, compassion and our life’s purpose.

So in this newsletter/video, I walk you through what the process of meditation truly is.

Let’s begin…

When doing a sitting of meditation, first of all set your timer/alarm. This way, you relinquish the concept of time and surrender to the moment at hand. Start with five minutes per day. You can always increase your minutes through time.

Sit with your back straight. With closed eyes, focus on the breath.

It will be natural for your mind to race with thoughts. Through time, the more you meditate, the more space you’ll experience within these racing thoughts — making for a calmer mind.

More space between thoughts = a calmer mind. Have you noticed the more your mind is racing or feeling anxious the less calm you feel? Well meditation reverses this process.

When you notice your racing thoughts, do not judge them or yourself. Simply bring yourself back to your breath. Stillness and presence need an anchor. And the breath is the most powerful tool we have for this anchor.

Through time, this simple yet profound process of non-judgment will trickle into all aspects of your life.

It’s small disciplines in meditation that make big differences in our life as a whole.

During your five minute meditation sitting, if you attain a few seconds of no-thought, that is wonderful – that is stillness. Meditation and stillness are simply those seconds or minutes of no-thought.

These short moments of stillness are what carve a portal into our Being. Within our Being/Internal-World/Higher-Self, is where our intuition and peace resides. It’s where our pure love and compassion have a home. The more of a connection we make with our stillness, the stronger our bond will become with our Higher Self.

The key to meditation, to developing this bond, is to keep the discipline every day. Some days you may attain a lot of ‘no-thought moments’. Other days you may not attain any ‘no-thought moments’. But the at least you tried…

Because your mind will remember your effort.

Just like muscles in the body have memory, so does our mind. And through a period of days, weeks, and months of keeping the meditation discipline, you will surely see a difference in your life and outlook.

Meditation expands our perspective so we can think outside the box. It boosts our self-concept and self-confidence. We attain more peace. Our intuition becomes strengthened and we can make more sound decisions.

All of this comes from sitting with eyes closed each day, focusing on our breath? YES!

And lastly, keep in mind that with meditation, you are not striving for anything. You are not striving for peace or happiness or epiphanies. Everything will come naturally with time.

In life we are so consumed with doing, that in meditation, we are simply being.

And it is our Being that contains the quality of our life. It is our Internal World that holds our love, peace, guidance and focus. The more we make a connection with this internal world, the more our external world will fall into place.

Everything in life is an inside job. Clear your mind, and watch your external life fall into place 

I welcome your questions/comments about this topic. Meditation is a topic that is so dear to me. I would love to discuss this further with you. You can reach me at info@MichelleZarrin.com

Please share this newsletter with anyone you know who could benefit from this topic.

I wish each of you a peaceful week!

With Gratitude,