Truth About Perfectionism

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In this video I outline three truths about perfectionism.

The first truth is for us human beings, perfectionism does not exist. If we are chasing perfectionism, we are chasing a myth and an illusion. The reason for this is that we have infinite potential for growth.

There is an infinite amount of knowledge we can accrue. There is an infinite amount of love we can tap into.

The further we go in life, the further we can continue to grow. It doesn’t matter if we are trying to have a better body image, make more money in our career or set new hiking-summit goals. Once we get to our destination, we realize there is more we can attain.

The second truth is that progress, not perfectionism, is realistic.

I give an example in the video about technology. When the next phone comes out, it has more space, new features and is faster. But we have come to learn that is only the next best phone for this moment in time. We know the researchers and innovators are back in their offices creating the next model. So the phone is a continual work in progress.

This analogy is also true for our lives. Where we are right now is not the end of the game. We always have so much room for improving ourselves.

So look for progress, not perfection.

The third truth is to take time out of our lives and see how far we’ve come. This exercise displays the progresswe’ve made.This mentality gives us a ‘cup half full’ mentality towards life. It is a reflection of how much we’ve done and how much more we can do.

By having a ‘cup half full’ mentality about life, we develop a positive mindset.

When we are seeking perfection, we notice the lack. When we are seeking progress, we notice the abundance.

So take time out for this exercise, be it once per month or once every new year. It will give you a positive mindset while giving you fuel to persevere on your path.

And remember, there is no such thing as perfectionism. We are constantly evolving. Use this knowledge to your advantage and know that you have so much more room to expand into an even bigger life and better version of yourself.

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