Let It Go! Don't Allow Your Mind to Keep You Stuck!

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In this video, I read and talk about an excerpt for you from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” By the way, this book is excellent for anyone who would like to link science and spirituality. If your mind is more analytical, and you’d like to understand the abstract concepts of spirituality, he is a great teacher to learn from.

This excerpt is based on scientific facts. But I correlate it’s message to the human mind:

“What are tissues made up of?

And what are those cells made up of?

What are those molecules made up of?

And what are those atoms made up of?
Subatomic particles.

And what are those subatomic particles primarily composed of?

[So at the very core of our existence, we are comprised of energy]

When we arrive at the conclusion that our physiological vehicle is made up of the same stuff as the rest of the universe… the same 99.9999 percent “nothing” that constitutes the physical universe…
Isn’t it ironic that we keep all of our attention on the 0.0001 percent of reality that is physical?

I correlate the human mind to this excerpt because this is exactly what the mind does – it focuses on the 0.0001 percent of reality. The mind loves to find one thing and go round and round with it.

Generally, it does not choose the positive aspect of life to go round and round with… It chooses something somebody said, or an incident from the past. And it does not let that go.

Why do we do this?? Why do we focus on the 0.0001 percent of our entire existence? It is unhealthy. It is unnecessary.

We need to train our mind to focus on all that is life; not just on a few circumstances.

Awareness is key for turning the mind around.

The next time you notice yourself focusing on one thing, LET IT GO. Even if you notice your mind honed in on one thing twenty times per day, LET IT GO. This repetitive action has become a habit within your mind. The mind loves habits.

But it’s time to release this habit.

There is so much more to life than what the mind focuses on. Bring yourself out of your mind and into the present moment. Let the past go. Let the thoughts go. Let the upsetting situations go. Let go of any thoughts that do not serve you.

One of the most liberating things we can do is to realize we do not have to give energy to every single thought that crosses our mind.

Put your energy into the Oneness of this moment; into the expansive field of all that is.

And you will notice your energy expand; your mind expand; and your life expand. There is so much more to this life than meets the mind. Thoughts of the past hinder the power of the moment. Let them go.

This week, make it your spiritual practice to bring your awareness into the moment at hand. Once you do this enough times, you will feel enriched. You will feel more alive.

You will tap into that 99.9999 percent energy that you are because thoughts are heavy. They weigh us down!

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