How to Acquire Abundance

Video Length: 2.40 minutes


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In this week’s video, I talk about acquiring abundance.

First and foremost, its important to know that abundance is a feeling we have to build on from the inside. We need to feel abundant within before we can attract it from the outside world.

I want to give you an exercise to do for tapping into abundance: Where ever you are, don’t just only see the abundance that is around you, but truly feel it.

When you walk into a grocery store, don’t just look at all the items and products around you. But take in the FEELING of all that you are surrounded by.

When you are sitting in traffic, don’t just look at all the cars and people in those cars. But FEEL how many cars and people are around you.

When you go for a walk in your neighborhood, or out in nature, don’t just look at all the blades of grass or leaves on trees. Truly FEEL how endless those blades of grass and leaves are.

When we don’t just look with our eyes, but feel our surroundings with our heart and body, it takes us to a different part of our subconscious mind. We expand our internal world. We tap into deeper dimensions of our existence.

You can make the above exercise your spiritual practice.

When we understand the depth of spirituality and how endless it is, we also recognize how much we are surrounded by in the external world. We really take in the abundance of all that is around us. We realize there is more than enough for everyone. There is no such thing as lack.

Lack is a state of mind. We can easily turn this state of mind around.

When we begin to FEEL the abundance of all that is around us with our body, mind and spirit, we expand ourselves from the inside.

This internal expansion gives us the space we need to receive more from the outside world.

There is enough money, love, material possessions and anything else we are seeking, for everyone on this planet. We just have to be able to tap into it. Because there is so much to go around, abundance is actually our true nature. Anything else is a conditioning of fear and lack.

When we open our mindset, we open ourselves to receive.

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