You Complete Me

It was the one-liner in the movie Jerry Maguire that seemed to change the face of romance. When Tom Cruise looked into the eyes of Rene Zellweger and uttered, “You complete me,” he brought a longing for all women, and men, to have those some words repeated to them. We all sat at the edge of our seats taking in the fulfillment of the moment. Yet, my question is do those words and that concept truly complete a relationship? Should we be looking for another to complete us? Or should we be on a quest to complete ourselves before putting such a burden on another?

My belief is for the latter. Each of us has unique qualities and characteristics that lead to our authenticity. While sharing the journey with another is one of the most beautiful experiences of life, our true essence deserves the chance to radiate. We each hold a gift within that the world can benefit from. What is your gift? Is it humor? Intelligence? Compassion? Art? A free spirit? Embrace the person you are. Embrace your imperfections. And find someone who will also accept you, the whole you.

A couple cannot be a complete unit if they bring fragments of each other to the relationship. Somewhere along the journey, the glue of love will unravel the pieces. It is a natural part of the process. But the two people can come together much stronger if each is responsible for their half. The power of that union will be able to withstand the passing of the storms and the grace of the love with solidarity.