Way to Look At Pain

What if everything that happens in our life is truly a blessing? Including the horrible occurrences? What if behind every pain is a silver lining of good? What if every painful situation actually carries a profound element for the depth of our soul? When you truly think about it, everything is a stepping-stone, or a climb up the ladder of life, towards something better. The key is how you view it all.

Let’s take death as an example. What could be the good in losing a loved one? The truth is through death, a person is freed from the bondage and suffering of this world. It is the friends and family members left behind who must learn to cope and move on from the loss. Again, the key is how you work that pain into your life. It is important to grieve any loss. But grief does not last forever. It could take weeks, months or even years to subside. But like all things in life, it comes and then passes. Once it has passed, it is important to realize where that pain and loss took you. Did you all of a sudden realize the impossible became possible? Did you find strength you did not know you had? A lot of times, we do not know our own strength until we are forced into a situation testing it.

Pain is like a tunnel. It comes into our life, moves us into an abyss and clouds our vision for beauty. But every tunnel has a light at the end. There is an opening, then an escape into vastness again. With proper awareness, this vastness is a deeper dimension of our soul we’ve traveled to. And depth of spirit is a beautiful place. It is where more heartfelt creativity, compassion and love reside. Artists are great examples, showcasing the beauty of their soul after a hurtful experience. Some of the most beautiful works of art and musical lyrics were born out of tragedies.

So ultimately, is pain bad? I think pain is uncomfortable. But that discomfort is actually paving its way to strength and beauty. I do not readily welcome pain in my life, or in anyone else’s. But I do realize it is a natural part of our human existence, so I’ve learned to look at it from a different angle. And realizing the end result of pain allows me to detach from it more easily, go through the process I need to, and wait for that light at the end of that tunnel. The good times and the hardships are a natural part of our lives. What is important is how we cultivate our spirit during the journey.