Releasing the Shackles of Attachment

The more we think about something with attachment, the less chance there is of it coming into our lives. There is immense power in our thoughts, but even more power in the energy behind them. So, what does it mean to not be attached?

Most people think that the more they obsess about an outcome, the more clearly the universe will hear their request and the sooner it will be fulfilled. But the opposite is true. Think of everything, including your thoughts, as energy. The power to move this energy or block it resides in your actions. Now imagine a highway clogged with 5 p.m. rush-hour traffic. Movement is slow; the large number of cars makes the whole space feel dense. Imagine the same highway at 3 a.m.: The few cars navigate around one another with ease. Who do you think will reach their destination in less time? Obviously, the drivers who choose the early morning. It is the same road, but under different circumstances, leading to different energy.

Now apply this analogy to your thoughts. If you consecutively think about, worry over, plan for, become impatient about, and obsess over the same desire, the energy you bring forth by these ‘actions’ will be heavy and dense, just like the 5 p.m. traffic. If, on the other hand, you keep the desire in mind, but with a calm energy, you begin to move towards your goal with ease and comfort, just like the road at 3 a.m.

The reality is, we have to trust the process. We have to understand we’ve each been born with a life-outline that is personal and unique. This outline is waiting to be fulfilled. Our purpose lies in it. And all the desires we feel along the way are indicators of the big picture – a bit like previews of coming attractions. So what you want, you will get. The main thing is to be patient, and to believe. Just believing will fly you towards your ultimate goal. But the sad truth is, most people don’t believe. Because of their worries and fears, most people on the journey to their dreams keep themselves in the rush-hour traffic. They hit the brakes and then question everything. They move at 5 m.p.h. and wonder if it’s all worth it. They become restless and wonder if they should get off the road. But those who believe are those who will go the farthest. But again, it’s not only about believing; it’s about believing with calmness and acceptance during each phase.

Worry and doubt become shackles of attachment. It’s important to find the balance between dreaming and releasing. Trust the outcome. Know that what you want is waiting for you. You were born to fulfill your dreams. Just like plants and animals, each human has the capability to grow effortlessly into what he or she was born to be. The seed of an orange tree fulfills its purpose much like the driver in 3 a.m. traffic, fluidly and effortlessly. Plants and animals don’t worry, overthink or obsess about what will happen next. Imagine if we humans sat back and enjoyed the ride with such ease and simplicity. Would we become complacent? No. We would fulfill our destinies, beyond our wildest imaginings, with ease.