Power of Letting Go

The sweltering summer heat has given way to a brisk breeze. With freshness in the air you notice the leaves slowly dancing their different hues as they gradually change color. Each tree’s family of leaves reflect their collective personality through vivid colors before gliding their way to the ground. Fall is upon us, a new season. For me, the seasons are a reminder of the procession of life. With this reminder comes reflection of memories made and goals to be attained. And Mother Nature is also gently reminding us to let go of the old, let go of the past.

There is a deep power in the process of letting go. In essence, you are opening your life for fulfillment. How is this possible? How are we supposed to let go to let in? In order for your desires to come to you, the states of resistance, sadness, fear or negativity must be diluted. Life (your goals and desires) flows to you through positive emotions and vibrations. When you are ‘stuck’ with one foot in the past and working hard to create your future, your movement forward will be minimal. The natural flow of life is forward. In the same manner the natural movement of a stream is forward, so is the organic evolution of your life.

Did something happen that makes it difficult to move onward and let go of the past? Then practice the art of forgiveness. Forgive the other person or situation for harming you. Forgive yourself for harming others. Learn the lessons and for the sake of your well-being, your goals and desires, know that no person or situation deserves the right to hold you back. Is this easier said than done? Perhaps. But if you want to move on with ease towards building a better, more fulfilling life, then you cannot allow the shackles of the past to hold you in place. If you hang on to the negative circumstances of the past for too long, they will manufacture themselves into self-pity and a resistance to grow.

To let go is to move forward. To let go is to become one with the flow of life. This is why there is so much power in letting go. You free your bondage of the past and begin to move in the direction you want. You can attain anything you want. But you also have to understand that what you want is in this moment and in the future. The past is only for memories made and lessons learned.