Human beings function on the essence of two emotions: fear and love. When you truly think about it, most of your decisions throughout the day are based on fear. If you are a parent, the protection of your child is fear based because you want to alleviate him/her experiencing pain. If you work in an office, you meet deadlines from fear of upsetting your boss, or having clients think of you as incompetent. If you are at a restaurant, your choice in meals may reflect fear of extra calories versus pure enjoyment and indulgence.

How often do you make decisions solely based on love? How often do you approach your family members or strangers on the street with love in your heart? How often do you truly relish joy in every moment of your day? This concept may not even seem realistic to you. But the fact of the matter is the essence of each human soul is love. Have you been around a toddler recently?

Young children teach us so much about the truth of our spirits. Just merely by being, they show us we were all born with enthusiasm, joy and no fear. It’s life events that taint these natural characteristics. We all have people in our lives who’ve hurt us; some have caused pain that seems irreparable. But what if, for the sake of YOU and not them, you decide you want to rise above their ignorance and darkness? Imagine how liberating that feels. True forgiveness is not about the person who caused you harm. It is about you not wanting to carry the poison of their actions anymore. The person could be in the wrong forever. By forgiving, you decide to not be a part of that iniquity anymore. If roles are reversed and you did something to harm another, learn your lessons and forgive yourself. Pain and guilt leave an imprint in your being. When the being has dark residue, you will only attract more dark situations into your life. Learn from your mistakes and stop the chain of negativity.

Unfortunately, too many people have impenetrable guards around their heart. It is a defense. Have you ever thought vulnerability is actually a strength? To be vulnerable is not to play dumb. It is to move through life with joy, love and openness like you’ve never been hurt before. And to live within this vibrational frequency is actually so powerful because the heartbeat of the Universe is love. You will gently move into the flow of truth and stand courageously tall against all of the trials and spirals that had come your way.

And when this state becomes your natural state of being, that is when the law of attraction becomes magical. You will attract into your life what is within your soul. Your heart is a treasure box full of love, joy and compassion. Open this box and allow yourself to shine. Share your beauty with our world, and it will be reciprocated – I promise