“But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?” (Albert Camus)

Does this quote seem straightforward to you? Or are you thinking so many elements need to fall in place before harmony can actually be achieved? What if I told you there is only one necessary element? Acceptance. By truly accepting your life in this instance you can create harmony. A life in balance is not having all aspects be in perfect standing. It’s accepting all aspects of your life as they are.

When something is not going your way, pay attention. Become aware. Don’t fight it. Let it be. In this way, the lesson can present itself. Behind every struggle there is a lesson of growth or blessing waiting to present itself. By not accepting the moment or situation, you only build a wall of resistance to the light.

Are you in a circumstance that is unchangeable, such as a health prognosis? Then accept the prognosis if you cannot immediately turn your state of mind into a positive one. Because what you resist persists. Resistance is not actually fighting for your life. It is a form of blocking life from living through you. You will feel frustrated, stagnant and depressed. And it is all of your mental energy making you feel this way (even more than any illness). How you react to a situation is the most important aspect of that situation. You can either accept what is and find the subtle current of peace and harmony flowing below the layers of the situation or you can throw your hands up in despair, continuously crying, “Why me?” Self-pity is also resistance toward any blessing. It is a heavy energy that goes against the flow of life. So again, if you cannot find the positive aspect behind “Why you,” then let it be. Become light so time can move through you with more ease.

The fact is that harmony and happiness reside within each human being, no matter the circumstances. It is your choice to cultivate the darkness or the light. When we were children, it was a natural part of our being. But the older we get, the more we have to work on bringing that natural state back. If you cannot focus on the positive, then just accept. Allow time to show you what was actually in store for you. This is harmony. This is flow. This is moving through life with ease and comfort. And in the end, it all turns out just fine.

So the next time you get riled up, become upset or throw your hands up in the air, remind yourself that it will work out just fine. It always does. And tell yourself that you’ll sit back and wait for the ending… And I bet you the outcome (the blessing or lesson waiting to present itself) will appear much quicker.