Grace of Death

When my father had passed away, and a person would say to me, “I’m so sorry for your loss,” I would stare blankly into their eyes and muster a half smile. It did not seem fitting to say ‘loss’ because that simple word was an understatement. If the person followed up the sentence and said, “I’m so sorry for your loss of a lifetime of love and care, or, I’m so sorry for your loss of the man who was a constant in your life from birth,” then I may have absorbed the sentiments better. Needless to say, the pain that accompanies the death of a parent is unlike any other pain.

Yet, even though I felt I had buried my DNA six feet into the ground, I was noticing something great at the same time. My father’s spirit was around me. It was embedded in my heart and in my soul. I began to take note that I seemed to carry him with me wherever I went. Two months after his passing, I moved to New York City. Amidst the chaos and pace of that city, he was still within me.

Through this deep internal experience, I came to understand the ‘grace of death.’ For it means that although the physical body is no longer around, the spirit lives on. The human being consists of two components: the human is the outer form and the being is the formless, the spirit. We represent both dimensions, but the being, the formless spirit is much more powerful. This is why some people say they feel a person who has passed on more in death than in life. It is because the connection with the formless, the being, the spirit, does not end.

This knowing allowed me to accept the passing of my father. For I came to understand that we still have a relationship. It has just taken on a new element.

It is our spirit that resonates with others on a deeper level than our looks, material possessions or career. The unspoken, unseen part of your character will live on long after your physical form has left this life. So revive the love within, learn to forgive and find your authentic self. And when you pass on, your spirit will formulate within your legacy, continuing to inspire those left behind.