The dictionary has two definitions for the word grace. One definition states “A way of moving that is smooth and attractive.” The other definition states “A virtue coming from God.” The fluidity that comes with grace is very appealing to me. When a person moves with grace, or when life blesses one with grace, the underlying emotion is love. There is a flow of beautiful, soft energy emanating through that moment.

Imagine the movements of a yoga instructor as he/she maneuvers through the different postures with ease and agility. In that moment of mind and body connection, the spirit is being expressed as well. The essence of each person’s spirit is love. It is one of the primordial energies that make up our DNA. So when thoughts are minimized through focus on the breath during yoga, the love deep within has an opportunity to express itself.

It is a powerful declaration of the soul. This is also one of the reason epiphanies are born on the yoga mat. The state of love gives the real answers to life versus the states of frustration or sadness. It is a showcase of being present in the moment, of being one with life.

The same is true when life graces a person with some goodness. The oneness and wholeness of our existence is expressed in that moment. People are often heard saying, “By the grace of God, I was pulled out of that situation.” Well the grace of God is love from life. It could be your past acts of kindness that accumulated into a burst of affection in that moment. Whatever the reason, the grace of God is life coming full circle. It is the universe recognizing your merits. And again, it is powerful.

The grace that is expressed through the Self and through God are blessings. The underlying current within all of us, within this life is love. Everything else is just residue of pain, judgment, ego and fear. If we remove all that clouds us, we get back to the essence of what we were born with – love. And there is nothing more pure and elegant than love for Self and love for life. It shows all pains have been removed; and it expresses itself through grace.