Today’s blog is one of deep importance that you may be avoiding in your life. One of the biggest hindrances I have come to notice holding a person back from living life with compassion is the inability to forgive. Why do we have such a tight grasp on this concept? Why can’t we let go when we have been wronged or hurt? I understand some scars penetrate so deep they hurt just to think about. But you know what the underlying truth is? Holding onto pain, anguish or suffering is more harmful than letting it go. Through time, you will do yourself more injustice holding onto pain than you will to let it go.

Imagine it this way: Your spirit is like a shiny, silver-plated metal that carries a dazzling radiance, housed within the frame of your body. Your journey, intuition and love glow with luminescence when your spirit is free of all issues tainting it. Not forgiving pollutes the spirit. And if you do not let go and move on, the pollution builds up to the point of becoming rust on your shiny, silver-plated spirit. You will not have a polished connection to your life’s full potential.

And remember, your spirit is the pathway to your journey, intuition and love. So if there is rust around your spirit, there is rust on your path. To break free of this you need to know one essential fact about forgiveness: You do not have to pretend that the person or situation that wronged you is okay. In fact, the person or situation could always be in the wrong. The true meaning of forgiveness is to take action for yourself because you are tired of carrying the weight of painful issues. You release the issues and the situation, not wanting to be a part of it any longer.

And when you truly forgive, you know what happens? You are filled with a wave of compassion, developing the ability to look outside yourself and see the bigger picture. An understanding is gained of why a person may have acted the way he/she did. And again, it is not to say that the action that occurred is okay. But you realize perhaps the person was repeating a pattern handed down from parents or grandparents. Perhaps you realize the horrible state of mind the person was in to have inflicted pain onto others. And a release happens. This is the essence behind the statement “There is power with forgiveness.” It is an understanding and releasing process. As a result of the release, you feel lighter and dilute the poison running through your mind and body

And the reality is that you are not alone in this journey. We all have gone through pain. Sometimes forgiveness may seem unfathomable. But I promise if you go through with the process, you actually feel stronger and empowered as a result. I will conclude with a quote from Gandhi: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”