Doors of Life

We have all heard the saying “When life closes one door, it opens up another. But usually a person is so focused on the closed door, they do not see the one that has opened.” My take on this adage is there are different dimensions to it. No home has only one door. And no life has only one category of existence. On a daily basis, a person is dealing with family, career, finances, romance and health. So if a door is closed in one area of your life, the key is to remain open and receptive to the other categories.


For example, Sally, a middle age woman gets a prognosis that she is borderline diabetic. Leaving the doctor’s office, she feels deflated driving home because the time has come in her life to eat better than before and exercise regularly. Yet, she is trying to make ends meet without money coming in from her consulting firm. It can be costly to eat whole foods bought at the grocery store instead of opting for a fast food option after a long day. And she does not have the time or extra energy to walk around the block, let alone make it to the gym.


By the time she has reached her home, Sally makes a conscious decision to not self-pity for her situation. She decides to keep her heart and her eyes open to other doors in her life opening. And weeks after the prognosis, she lands a deal with a company she had been marketing to for over one year. The money she would gain from this new contract allows Sally more budget to purchase healthier choices at the grocery store.


Slowly easing into a new life style, she finds the healthier food actually gives her more endurance and energy to maneuver through her day. And through time, she does find the motivation to walk around the neighborhood.


In hindsight, had she wallowed in the grief of her prognosis, and gone through life with a closed heart to other doors opening, she would have missed the underlying blessing behind all of these doors. Because as she walked through each one, she not only gained her health back, but her vitality as well.


The key to any door is to remain open, literally and figuratively J In due timing, everything falls into place as it should and there is always a greater good to be opened and unraveled on the other side of every closure. And to quote Steve Jobs, “You can never connect the dots in your life looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking backward.” I agree with him. When a person reflects back on their life, clarity ensues. Is this too much or too overwhelming? Not if you take some time for yourself for some positive self-reflection. And if you can do this while outdoors, Mother Nature will engulf you in her arms and inspire your thought process.