Chasing Perfectionism

Do you like to have everything in a certain order? Do you like to have your life free from faults or defects? Do you try very hard to make sure everything runs smoothly at all times? If you are a perfectionist, please realize you are chasing an illusion. There are things in this world that are perfect, such as the timing, elements and construction of nature. But if you want to find perfection in anything man-made, you will be searching for a long time. The point is our lives, as well as ourselves, are a work in progress. To be comfortable with the process of fine-tuning is to be comfortable wit the process of life.

Think of the world of technology. It is constantly improving. The innovators of this world are continually expanding their minds and ideas to construct devices for our convenience and comfort. We have come to expect that when the latest and greatest cell phone is released into the market, it is not the end of that story. It is only the most up-to-date cell phone for that moment in time. So why not take this analogy into your own life?

By letting go of the concept of perfection, you will allow yourself to enter a realm of life called ‘The Flow.’ This is actually where creativity and breakthroughs reside. When you want everything to be perfect, you are actually stopping the natural flow of your life because of the tight grasp you have on how things should be. And that clinging will slow the process of all that could be. Keep in mind that I am not suggesting you let go of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Those are actually fuel for the flow. What I am saying is to not lose sight of your goals but also be open to the gentle sway with the process.

Being open to the process means being open to expansion. The Universe has our best intention in store. However, the human mind has a hard time believing this, so it tries to take over whenever it can. And the mind can manifest its vision. But the truth is the vision of the Universe is far greater than anything our mind could rationally comprehend. This is why we’ve heard people say with bewilderment and awe in their voice, “I’ve lived a life beyond my wildest dreams.”

At some point, they had surrendered. At some point, they decided to give it their best, but with an underlying detachment of how exactly how things should turn out. If we learn the art of surrendering while simultaneously believing, then that is when miracles unfold. That is when we work hand in hand on our dreams with Life.

We are on this Earth for a temporary time. This life is not meant to be hard. It is meant to have endless tests and lessons. But these tests and lessons are not meant to make us more rigid. They are meant to actually soften our process, to allow us to release our angst and surrender our desires to a path far greater than anything we can envision.

Perfectionism is rigid. Surrender and acceptance are flexible. Flexibility is a portal into flow. Flow is where the beauty of this life resides.