Breaking the Heart

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” ~ Rumi

Is the above quote by Rumi about romance? Perhaps. But I don’t interpret it in those terms. Reading this quote, I look at the essence of the human being, which is love. Love is at our core. It is the energy that governs the flow of our existence. However, from the time we are children, society and family cloud that love and feed it doubt or fear.

We are made to believe we are not smart enough, capable enough, or simply good enough to feel whole. So life becomes this river we swim upstream. Does that sound natural? No, because it’s not. We are meant to feel good, to feel joy, to feel comfortable in our own skin. Yet, through the course of one’s life, a person becomes fearful, filled with worry and anxiety, not meeting life with vigor. In a sense, we become hardened.

This is because fear and doubt are resistance towards the moment. Those emotions block the flow of life. They harden a person on the inside.  And the trick is your mind thinking it has built up ‘walls of protection.’ But the truth of life and this universe do not reside within those ‘walls.’ Truth and love flourish when met with non-resistance.

“You have to keep breaking your heart…” My interpretation is we have to melt away the resistance we’ve spent a lifetime building. How is this done? By becoming vulnerable. By accepting the moment instead of resisting the moment. By not dwelling on the past or giving too much emphasis to the future. It is true that we are built on our past experiences. But it is not true that those past experiences have to harden us. Vulnerability is a strength. It does not mean to play dumb. It means to feel the pain, but to make a conscious choice of not allowing the pain to sit within the soul. Pain comes; but what you do with it is up to you. You can either give it a home and make it a habitant within your Being or you can choose to dismiss it’s existence from your life. Because the longer you hold onto pain, the more life you give it. Allow pain to flow through you.

And then you will allow it’s opposite: vitality, love and joy to take its place. That is the dichotomy of this life: we are born with love. And as a part of this life’s experience, we are supposed to experience pain and negativity. But the key is to not allow that pain and negativity to define us. Realize with pain comes lessons and wisdom. Take those with you, and remain vulnerable. Melt away the borders around your heart and come back to your essence. Allow the love buried deep within to shine. And by doing so, you will attract more situations and people to make your love shine even brighter.



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