As Supple as Water

What if we made ourselves supple like water? What if we maneuvered around the hard edges of life with grace? What if we realized the importance of consistency and flow? Imagine a river. Water flows down a river no matter the object in its way. Imagine the ocean. Water goes around large rocks with effortless ease. One of the verses in the Tao Te Ching explains, “Nothing is softer and weaker than water. But for attacking the hard, the unyielding, nothing can surpass it.”

There is so much truth to this statement. We should not mistake the gentleness of water as weakness. Quite the contrary, because of its consistency, it has more dominance than the other elements. Water erodes rocks, softens terrain and puts out fires. So lets use water as an analogy to reach our goals. Has there been a story within you yearning to be written and shared? Or perhaps a novel that’s been brewing in your mind? Thoughts of writing can be paralyzing: Where does one begin? How does one make it flow? Where does one find the time? But lets push through these questions with the effortless ease of water.

The reality is the where, what and how questions are not meant to scare you. They are meant to be your guide; your outline. Ideas don’t just happen. Every idea that comes to mind is actually the finished product. So take the vision of the desired outcome, and begin working backwards. Do not allow the questions to take over your dreams. And most importantly, do not allow doubt to take over your dreams.

Like water, be relaxed in your demeanor, yet unrelenting in your actions. Building resistance because you have so many questions will slow your process. Having doubt because you are not sure will diminish your self-confidence. Use every question as a stepping-stone to fine-tune your project. Use every doubt as an aide to actually strengthen your determination. When it seems like your mind is playing tricks on you, turn the table. Turn those thoughts around and find the positive on the other side.

Lets go back to writing an article about an amazing life experience you’ve had. You used the what, where, how questions and any fears surrounding the project as tools for organization, in order to move forward. But each time you sit to write, your mind goes blank. Your story loses its takeoff and you’re sitting on the runway of doubt again. Remember, become water. Don’t fight the moment. Just sit with it. Brainstorm phrases until phrases become sentences. Don’t allow the moment of blankness to block your flow. Even if it means just sitting there, and not thinking negative, you are still with the flow. The main thing to keep in mind is fear and doubt will block your flow. Accept the moment. Let it be. And before you know it, you will let it go, and action will come to you. Do not mistake your inactivity as weakness. Resistance is weakness. Acceptance is strength. Like the water in a river, sometimes you stay, sometimes you move. But you never go backwards into the abyss of doubt and fear.