Action Kills Fear

Do want to make a career move but do not know where to start? Have you thought about taking on a new venture but your thoughts are paralyzing you? Do you feel your relationship is not right for you but you are do not want to go through the turmoil of a breakup? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the underlying root holding you back is fear. And honestly it is not your fault. For some reason, the more we go through life, the more it seems fear plays the role of a silent assassin.

Think of it this way… Not fully indulging in each bite of the chocolate cake you are eating because of the extra calories, has an underlying fear (of weight gain, being unhealthy). Being overcharged on the bill handed to you but you do not saying anything, has an underlying fear (of causing a commotion, of seeming cheap). Buying possessions for your children when it has to go on your credit card has an underlying fear (for approval, for not providing enough). Obviously my point is that there is an unconscious fear in so many of our day-to-day decisions. But there is a solution to kill fear. It is action.

 Action kills fear. Even saying no at times is an action. So when it comes to going after a dream, taking a chance or switching gears in life, take one small action towards it. It could be online research, picking up the phone or simply telling yourself you are worthy of moving forward. Just know that if the thought or dream has come to you, it is because you are worthy and capable of pursuing it. The power of intention stems from this fact. If you have the inspiration, it is your spirit speaking to you. And your spirit/soul/higher-self knows you very well.

We are born with infinite possibilities. It is a natural fact of the human condition. So please do not undermine your desires, goals or needs with paralyzing thoughts. Take minor steps each day to walk on the path that your inner world is guiding you towards