This brought the biggest smile to my face :)

Dear Newsletter Family,
I truly believe the intention of any idea will set the precedence for the success of that idea.  
Yes, success can come from ill-intentioned people and companies. But the impact will fall short.
That is why I’m not surprised to see this pie chart {see below} shared by Christopher Plowman, CEO of Insight Timer. The impact that Insight Timer is making for the people of this world, for meditation, is tremendous. The app is turning more people into daily meditators.
And the reason I’m not surprised is because I had the pleasure of meeting Insight Timer’s CEO, in April 2017. He was travelling through the United States with Maddy Gerard, Head of Publishing, of Insight Timer. They emailed myself and my co-partners at the time, asking to have dinner with us.
Dinner was so lovely! We talked about our personal lives, the Insight Timer app and meditation. And through our conversation, I learned what truly wonderful, good-hearted people Christopher and Maddy are.

I learned what pure intentions he has for the app and introducing meditation to the world.
I walked away from dinner feeling so full in my heart.
Meditation is my passion. Meditation is a gift.
And to know that the people of this app had the best intentions for sharing meditation with the world truly warmed my heart. I was beyond grateful to be a teacher within this great company.
So that is why when I saw this pie chart, I was not surprised.
This pie chart shows more people spend time on Insight Timer than the other apps out there. And this with no advertising for the app.
I believe it draws people in based on the intention and foundation of the people behind the app; people like the CEO. The passion the CEO has for meditation attracts more passionate people to use the app. It turns people who have never meditated into passionate meditators.
As you may have read on Insight Timer, Christopher asked everyone to share the app and spread the number of meditators around the world.
I also ask that we all spread the message of this app, and spread the message of meditation. If you are a meditator, you know the benefits you’ve received. Let’s all share meditation so the people around us can receive the same benefits too.
In case you missed Christopher’s statement, please click here to read it.

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With Gratitude,