Why do we focus on .00001% of reality?!

Dear Newsletter Family,
A few weeks ago, I shared an excerpt from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, in the group coaching session I lead. When I first read this excerpt, my jaw dropped.
It’s so powerful. I couldn’t help but think, “Why… Oh why… Do we do this?!”
And since I read it to the group, it has remained with me… again. So I feel compelled to share it with you.
But I seem to keep sharing this excerpt… Because I had created a video around it over a year ago. To hear the excerpt, click here.
Even though this excerpt has many dimensions, I correlate it to the human mind. Why do we focus on .00001% of reality??
Why do we go round and round with one topic, until we’ve beat it to the ground?
Is there a way of becoming free of this form of reality?
Can we expand our perception? See more of the big picture of life?
I’m happy to say, “Yes! We can!”
We can expand our perception. We can view the bigger picture of life.
And the key to this freedom is: MEDITATION.
The long term path of meditation expands our perception.
Why is this so?
Because when we move away from our thoughts, we align with a dimension within, that expands us.
The natural energy field associated with our thoughts is constricting. Releasing thoughts and aligning to our breath and/or feeling the presence within our body expands us. We expand into our internal world.
And the irony is within our internal world is the key to viewing our external world with a grander vision.
We come into more peace and clarity with a long term path of meditation.
Peace and clarity are expansive.
We release old thought patterns with a long term path of meditation.
Releasing old thought patterns opens us up for inspiration, for growth.
If you are a meditator, take a moment right now to self-reflect. What is one area of your life you’ve expanded on, since taking on the practice of meditation?
Releasing anger, and coming into more peace?
Feeling more compassion?
Taking small steps of courage to speak up more?
Not participating as much in gossip?
Feeling more presence throughout your day?
What I listed above may not seem big. What you listed for yourself may not seem big.
But they are HUGE.
Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come.
And remember we are all a work in progress. The human potential has infinite room for growth. So don’t look to the summit of the mountain. Look at the step you are on in this moment. And feel gratitude for how far you’ve come.
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I wish you an enlightened week!
With Gratitude,