Do the holidays bring up old wounds for you?


Dear Newsletter Family,
The holidays have a stereotype for being the warm and fuzzy time of year… A time when laughter fills the home, and joy is a constant in the heart.
But the truth is, that stereotype is not relevant for looooots of people.
The holidays can be a time when old wounds come to the surface; specifically wounds regarding family members or people whom we’ve considered to be closest to us.
It’s certainly true that these old feelings and thought patterns can get us down. And the holidays can at times be more dramatic than light-hearted.
Yet, the other side of this coin is the holidays can actually be a time for healing old wounds and cleansing the past. It is how we go about our disrupting thoughts and feelings, that will set the precedence for future days, for future holidays.
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I know the holidays can be challenging at times. I understand we can become quite emotional, or restless, during this time of year. And if you would like to come to terms with some of your concerns, get guidance on issues that have been sitting in your heart and mind for too long, I’m here for you.
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Guidance on the Go

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I wish you an amazing week!
With Gratitude,