About Me

After an 8.5 year marriage, I divorced with absolutely nothing. I had no money and I had no self confidence. At the age of 30, I was left to start my life all over again. 

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My childhood was very secure. And I had the love and nurturance of my family to rely on after my divorce. But I knew the deeper answers to life were on me to discover. I was lost, in pain and confused. So I turned to spirituality to find answers. 

Through the recommendation of Oprah’s book club, I picked up Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth. And it was life changing for me. It not only gave me the deep answers to life I was seeking, but it inspired me to meditate. 

My 10 minutes of meditation per day led me to attend a 10-day silent meditation retreat, where I meditated for about 11 hours per day. And from the moment I returned home from that retreat, my deep connection to life and the formless part of us began. 

I could not get enough of studying spirituality, and meditating (I’m still this way). The world of spirituality gave me so many answers. It gave me so much peace. It became my passion (and still is, more and more, each day). 

I attended the 10-day silent meditation retreat four times. I attended 3-day silent meditation retreats countless times. And of course, I meditated each day on my own. 

One day, while I was at a 3-day silent retreat, I received a download from Life. It came through me, filling my entire body and mind. It felt so real, so beautiful. The download told me that I am to teach meditation… I am to teach spirituality. 

And in that moment, everything about my past came together. I realized the deep pain from my marriage and divorce were to lead me to meditation and spirituality. I realized I was to use my life story to assist others with their life stories. 

But the other side of the truth was I didn’t want to give up my life and all my goals and aspirations, to become a spiritual teacher. I love traveling. I love the finer things in life. I love expanding my life. 

What I’ve learned, and have embodied through the years, is I'm not supposed to give up any part of myself. I am to live within my authentic truth. That is the only way to truly shine in this life. 

And that is what my teachings convey. We have to honor our truth. We have to embed our uniqueness into all that we do. It is when we step into who we are truly meant to be that the grace and power of life can step in and support us. 

Meditation and the world of spirituality are the most powerful gifts I have come into in this lifetime. They are the cornerstone for attaining not only a quality life, but for attaining ALL we want. 

It is a world that is humbling and powerful all at the same time. 

And nothing gives me more joy than to share, teach and guide these universal truths. My deepest desire is for every person on this planet to come into these truths and embody them for themselves.