If You Feel Your Life is Falling Apart, Do This...

You’ve felt your life falling apart... You’ve had to. It’s a very natural part of our existence.
When faced with such a circumstance, there a few things to do:



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The Most Effective Way to Assist Someone

Have you had a friend come to your for some advice?
Do you have a family member who needs help releasing old habit patterns?
Do you work with a colleague who seems very lazy?
At your work, are you in a position to give guidance?




Guidance on the Go

What This Service Is:

It's a form you fill out for guidance from me, on whatever is bothering you.

It can be used for ongoing coaching or one-time concerns.


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Sofia, a young woman from a sheltered upbringing, is in for an unexpected ride when she marries Earl. As their stable union twists unnervingly through health issues, betrayal and shattered hearts, Sofia sheds layers of naiveté, deepening her perspective of life. Beautiful life lessons learned from preschool children may heal her scars; but can they help her to endure the greatest tragedy of all? This story offers a powerful and inspiring journey into the soul.



That duck has a vortex around it. Reminds me of the vortex of each of us, and our energies. Who we are on the inside radiates out.. Affects those around us.. Affects our ecosystem. Imagine the world we'd live in, if everyone understood this concept. #PositiveVibes #PositiveMind




Those who own their uniqueness are the ones who fly. Authenticity is freedom.